Ten Golden Rules

Ten Golden Rules Ten Golden Rules philosophy    “1. Examine life, engage life with vengeance; always search for new pleasures and new destines to reach with your mind. 2.  Worry only about the things that are in your control, the things that can be influenced and changed by your actions, not about the things that are […]

Thought of the day 5/5/2013

Today is Sinco De Mayo, or the 5th of May. It is a day of celebration!  People get together, enjoy great food, talk and meet with family and friends, and FOCUS on having a good time.  Really there is no effort in having soooo much fun. The mindset people have is positive, celebratory, and all […]


Wasting effort desiring certain knowledge about the essentially unattainable, such things stop productivity, things like obsessing about perceived flaws and personal attributes.  These perceived notions are but results of social impressions collected and combined over time. If we choose to perceive things as is, neutral in mind, then we stop obsessing over subjective quandary. This allows for us to become […]

After Meditation 11/18

Kata: it has no western translation.  It can be defined as form, mold, or type, but does not carry with it the Nature and importance the term has in Japanese culture. After much meditation and philosophical contemplation I have found a translation for “Kata” that carries with it a significance pertaining to our training and […]