Student Store

Student Store


Welcome students to the supply store! Just click on the banner above and you will be redirected to the site!

We will be letting you know what is on sale and will be listing in-house specials as well on this site.  If you are not a student and wish to set up an account just click on the site and follow the directions.  You can get equipment at a discounted price! Students you can have them ship to your house or to the school to pick it up. Uniforms with logos will be only available for students!  Discount towards embroidery and other items are only available at studio, though you can order through site.

Washington Students: You are welcome to order as well any logo material, for training, or trips to Colorado.  They will ship it to your address!

If you have any questions on how to receive studio specials or discounts, need help on ordering, or wish to see what is on hand before ordering, just email us at


Soon to come!